No Nonsense Foods produce artisanal chutneys and relishes using traditional recipes and methods. We take the finest, no nonsense ingredients and add a touch of the unusual to produce the exceptional.  

We don’t supply supermarkets because that’s not what we’re about. We are ‘foodie’ people, so we’re advocates of making small batches of excellent products.

There are three of us in the business. Andrew, Michael and Andrew. We found our excuse to work together when, faced with a particularly tasty-looking burger on a balmy summer’s evening at a pub in Cardiff Bay, one of the Andrews produced a branded jar of his grandmother’s chutney. Andrew explained that his late Grandmother had been a straightforward, no-nonsense lady by the name of Nina Leigh born and raised in South Wales. His prototype therefore, was called ‘Nina Leigh’s NoNonsense relish’ and as the story behind Andrew’s grandmother’s chutney unfolded, so did the knowing looks and mutual smiles around the table. 









After a couple of hours chewing over the possibility of creating a business to enjoy and share our mutual passion for unusual but high quality chutneys, we agreed to join forces, produce some really great relishes and in doing so, have some fun outside of our comfort zone. 

Over the following weeks we investigated the chutney market to see if there was space for Nina Leigh’s NoNonsense relish to compete with those that were mass produced. It's a crowded market with one or two stand out brands, but we discovered from talking to retailers that most people who visit independent farm shops and delis are prepared to pay for top quality artisan products. 










We decided to trust our instincts and start a ‘challenger brand’
and NoNonsense Foods was born.

It's been quite a journey...

We tasted more than 50 chutneys and relishes

We learned about food labelling regulations 

We took advice from food experts and friends

And like any start-up, we made some mistakes too. The original plan was for the brand to be called Nina Leigh's no-nonsense relish. That was until we discovered that Nina Leigh is world famous as an American star…in the adult movie industry. Needless to say, Nina is no longer centre stage, but if you’d like to know more about her and her outlook on life, take a look at Nina's Story.